Rancho Tres Estrellas
DCC VEGAS is Tristan's sire.Vegas is
reg.MFT/SSHEBA/ICHO.Please click on his
picture to visit his page at Zion's Gait Curlies.
has given us a beautiful colt .Berry
Tristan is a red roan curly colt, born Aug.22. 2008
We are so happy that Berry and Vegas gave us
the colt we had hoped for.Tristan may be
homozygous for curls like his dam Berry.When he
sheds his foalcoat we will be able to tell if he may
be.He will be our coming up stallion to breed to
our straight MFT mares and our champagne
TWH/PSHR filly Evie.
Tristan shows a nice gait,is rather sturdy ,shows
nice conformation and disposition.We like about
him that he carries all curly MFT bloodlines with
only 2 times Walker's Prince T.
Tristan is an old celtic name that i first heard
,reading about the famous opera " Tristan and
Isolde" written by Richard Wagner.Our little guy
will live up to such a famous name i think:).
Tristan is starting to shed and his new hair has that wiry feel to it.We just cannot
see enough of those gorgeous curls and watch him gait along Berry's side.
Update: Tristan is not homozygous for curls but he is a very sweet colt with a
super nice natural foxtrot!!!
Tristan will be 2 years old in august and will be growing up to be a
very nice horse.We love him very much for his sweet disposition.