Rancho Tres Estrellas
Our Stallions
Ebony's Dusty Lad
Ebony's Dusty Lad is our new stallion.He is a full
ABC/MFT registered curly stallion with the rarest
bloodlines in the world.With 3 of our gaited curly
mares he is able to still produce ABC/MFT
registered foals.He foxtrots very well and is a tall
stallion,now about 15.1 hh.Dusty has a beautiful
conformation and disposition and passes that on to
his foals.We couldn't be any happier with him so far.In
2009 he will sire 4 or 5 foals for us that we can't wait
to see.A jewel for the rare dominant curly MFT
Topaz Merry Go
Topaz Merry Go our classic cream champagne
TWH stallion will remain to be a part of our
breeding plans.We can just not disregard his
outstanding quality to sire foals that are
exceptional.Of course nothing can beat the
color options of Topaz.He will contribute to
breeding high quality champagne curly horses in
the future.There are never many foals of Topaz
for sale because they are outstanding riding
horses.He will stand for TWH mares here as
well.We can't wait to breed our beautiful Kaziah
to Topaz this year.Please click on all stallions
pictures to get to their webpages.
RTE Topaz's Merry Dream Dancer is Topaz Merry Go's
first curly colt.His attractive amber champagne color and his
quality combined with a gentle,quiet disposition makes him
an excellent curly stallion.
RTE Lord Tristan is a Red Roan MFT/ICHO curly
colt.He may be homozygous for curls and combines all
curly bloodlines in his pedigree.We will breed him to our
straight MFT mares.
Reference Stallions
Tanto Mejor is still greatly missed,but we can still admire
two of his beautiful sons in our pastures.Bento and
Alejandro will remain here to remind us always of this sweet
Peruvian stallion that touched my life.His Tennuvian son
Carinoso was sold to a good home,he grew up to be a
most beautiful horse.
We are glad to have our young Peruvian Pasos because
nothing can beat their smooth gait and
we like to give people a peruvian ride.
DEB Tesoro Amoroso was gelded in 2008 and is
now resuming his training to be a riding horse.
He sired 3 foals for us that we still have here at the
farm.Layla,Novia and curly La Reina are growing up
to be well gaited horses.We gelded Tesoro
because he no longer has mares to breed
since we switched to breeding MFT curly horses
RTE K.A's Bajardo is a Bay ,curly MFT/ICHO
colt out of Lovely Lady by Ebony's Dusty Lad.
Bajardo carries most rare bloodlines ,you won't find any colt
like him nowhere.Bajardo is bound to be very tall close to
16hh,his dam and sire are very solid built.You can see how
hard this is to find when you breed curly to curly. He will be a
nice choice for  those mares from the WPT lines or  DCC
Vegas lines if you are looking for curls, no linebreeding plus
quality, foxtrot and a great disposition.Bajardo will stay
right here in Canada and later,when he is trained and old
enough i will talk to his owner to ship semen on this one.
Call us : 306 - 757-4073
Email us : cduncan.rte@gmail.com
Wueste Hitze  AKA Hank is a son of Champagne Justice E/T who
is a son of Cloud's Jubalation,my favourite champagne MFT sire.
Hank is a well built,gaited MFTstallion with a supersweet disposition.
That he is a possible hz black and classic cream champagne is sure only
another asset of this handsome boy.