Rancho Tres Estrellas
We are now making Rythmbeads!!!
Individually made for YOUR horse.
Rythmbead set with Browband mane and tail clip in the beautiful
colors Turquoise,
Rythmbeads have a calming effect on your horse
and they look beautiful.The bells make it jingle
lightly and will chase away wildlife on the trail.
colors have ahealing effect and all have a
This Rythmbead set is made of
Turqoise(to be said has a powerful healing and
calming effect),white( purity,goodness),gold
(Strenghtens the body and spirit) and
This Rythmbeads comes with a tassel on a golden
concho and we had the native patterns in mind
which you can see looking at this beautiful
The Price of this beautiful set is 40 $( you save
8$ on the set price)
Rythmbead set with Browband,Mane and Tail clip in the
beautiful color Pink,
This beautiful pink Rythmbead set comes with a
gorgeous tassel on the Rythmbead on a silver star
shaped concho.
Pink(the color of love and relationship)White(purity
and goodness)Silver(Trustworthy and Romantic).
The browband comes with star conchos on both sides.
You can order Rythmbeads or just mane and tail clips
and a browband only.
The price of this set is also 40$.Rythmbead alone is
18$,Mane clip 8$,Tail clip 10$,the Browband 19$
Rythmbead set  with Mane and Tail clip made of Wood Beads
Cream,Pink,Purple,Blue,Green, with silver Bells
This awesome,natural Rythmbead set made
of wood beads is beautiful to look at and has
silver bells.
color,spiritual awareness),Green(peaceful
and calming),brown(being grounded and
Pink(love and relationship)
The setprice of this artful
Rythmbead  is 38$
Rythmbead alone is 20$
Mane clip 10$ and Tail clip is 12$
You can pay with a moneyorder or via paypal to bhajana1@yahoo.com.To
order please send an email to this email address or cduncan.rte@gmail.com    
.You can choose colors yourself or let us help you choose them.Thank you.