Rancho Tres Estrellas
Our Mares
Dominant Curly MFT and MFT Mares
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Liver Chestnut Curly ABC/MFT/ICHO Mare
Microcurly/Homozygous for curls
Pansie will come home in spring and may bring her little
sister Elly along.Thank you Jackie for the good care.
Red Roan Curly ABC/MFT/ICHO Mare
Microcurly/Homozygous for curls
Berry as Lady Pansie will have a few more
rare ABC/MFT foals for us,both are 15hh
good quality mares.
Foaled a red roan curly filly
2012, sire is a chestnut paint stallion.
Palomino Curly ABC 1/2/MFT Mare
We are so glad to have this tall,beautifull
mare here.A lot of people know
Yellahorse.She has done it all and is a mare
with very special bloodlines.
Bred to classic
champagne MFT Hank for a 2013 foal.
Smoky Black ABC(S)/MFT Mare
Another foundation mare and dam to our Ebony's Dusty
Lad,the best mare we saw yet.Ebony is here on lease for me
to ride,maybe she will have one more foal for us too.Very
sweet mare and a supersmooth ride.
Ebony found her human and moved to Tanya to live with her 2
granddaughters Shauna and Caera.
Ebony peacefully  went
over the rainbowbridge in December 2012. She was 27 years
old and we feel with Tanya for her huge loss of her beloved
and best friend Ebony. She will live on in her offspring.
Liver Chestnut Curly ABC/ICHO Mare
RCR KAZIAH,a Kreskin daughter
This young microcurly beauty is be bred to
Topaz Merry Go for quality gaited curly
and foaled a handsome curly buckskin colt
in 2010 (RTE Helios)
ABC/MFT Curly Mare,She is the
grande old dam to so many ABC/MFT
mares.This foundation girl is now
retired,staying here ,after a long broodmare
career.Thank you Annie for all you gave to
the breed.
Sorrel ABC/MFT/ICHO Curly Mare Misty's Tansie and
her filly RCR Pat's Eleventh Hour,daughter of Sir Patrick MJT
will be joining us next week.Tansie is the dam to our Kaziah and
Lady Pansie,who is a full sister to little Elly.Many thanks again to
Jackie Richardson for letting us bring Tansie and Elly home to
Canada as well as for all your help to make it possible.
Gold Champagne MFTHBA Mare
Lady will assist us to get quality champagne curly MFT
foals.She is a old style built mare and is as sweet as they come.
I am so sad to say that we lost Lady in
Sept 2011. Her bad leg was getting worse again and on top
she had a very bad case of choke that could not be helped.
Lady was
so brave and sweet and she is missed deeply
here. At least i can see her daughter Diva grow
up here
and we now have her champagne daughter Dixie Chick
as well
. They are fine mares just like their momma.
2005 Smoky Cream, 15.2hh MFTHBA Mare
Jasmine Princess J
Jasmine is our newest addition from the Alex-Leigh Ranch in MO,
she is a daughter of Sensation's Southern Gentleman. She is
fully trained, so well bred , exceptionally sweet and well mannered.
Jasmine is my new riding horse but i do dream of a foal by Bajardo
and Hank in the future.She is just too good not to breed
occasionally.Thanks so much John and Dawn for letting me have
Jasmine, she is a dreamhorse in any way.
Other Mares
Palomino  North American Curly Mare
SS Pal's Amber Azela
Dam to RTE Topaz's Dream Dancer, RTE Topaz's Lunar Eclipse
and RTE Harmonia all by Topaz Merry Go
Bloodbay 1999 Standardbred Mare
Catch The Flash
Flash is under saddle now and had 3
month of training,she is for sale
Bay 1985 Peruvian Paso mare  Viada PD  Best Bosal horse 1988.Our
senior mare sweet and smooth as always with her colt Alejandro.
Our sweet girl Viada has left us to follow Tanto in April 2008.We just
found her dead in her pasture one morning.We miss her so much but i am
glad she did not suffer.I will always remember her  and Viada's and
Tanto's miracle baby Alejandro will stay here to always remind us of our
two favourite Peruvian Pasos.Viada was 23 years old and had enjoyed her
retirement here with her friends.
Classic cream champagne 2001 TWH mare
Cee Dee Wynonna's Gidget
Gidget was sadly lost after she foaled her
second filly Evie in April 2007.We are still
sad about this tragic loss of such a young,
healthy and beautiful mare.We miss you gi
Chestnut 2000 AQHA Mare Miss Lalique North
Daughter of the unforgotten barrelracer sire
The Northern Lights
We lost Lalique after her very unfortunate accident  in which
she injured her frontleg terribly.She was a very brave girl and
we miss her dearly.
Retired Mares
2003 HZ Black Sabino MFTHBA Mare
Sandia's Lighning Strike R
Sandia came to us from Reichle's Broken
Gait Ranch in NM. She is the dam to our
Handsome MFT stallion Hank. She is a well
bred big MFT mare with a natural gait and so
many foundation horses in her pedigree.
Sandia can be saddled and we did
groundwork with her.
Bred to Dancer for
a spring 2013 foal.
RTE Truly Blessed
For Sale
Palomino ABC/MFT Mare Lad's Morning Delight is a smoothcoated daughter of DCC
Golden Lad and Hilary Of Missouri. Ann Quinn was so nice to give us the opportunity to
own this trained, quiet mare that is a quite rare find these days. Of course it doesn't hurt that
Delight is the granddaughter of our favourite mareYella .
She is breed to Ann's buckskin curly
MFT stallion Sundance's Superstar for a spring 2013 foal that should be interesting in any
way. Could be Palomino,buckskin,perlino,cremello and hopefully curly.
Sundance's Superstar
Sable or amber champagne MFT Mare Dundee's Classy Dixie Chick is a
beautiful, quiet, well gaited daughter of our most beloved late mare Mac's Classy
Lady and champagne Lobo son Pride's Dunn Deal. She is just as lovely and
sweet as her momma and i am so grateful to Ann Quinn to make it possible for me
to own this mare in particular. Both her and Morning Delight unloaded after a
long ride from MO home to SK so nice and quietly. Dixie has been trained to
ride as a 6 year old so easily,such a  trusting girl in any way.
She is also bred to
above curly MFT stallion Sundance's Superstar for a nice colored foal,we hope
of course for another curly cream champagne filly with curls and i bet these 2 foals
will be awesome just like their moms. I will have Dixie colortested soon.
Dixie and Delight