Rancho Tres Estrellas
ABC/MFT Curly stallion Ebony's Dusty Lad
Ebony's Memorial Girl is one of the last grand
straight curly mares in the world .She is 23 years
old here and when she was here i could see her in
all her beauty.She showed me her natural foxtrot
free in the paddock.Registered ABC/MFT
with absolutely no Walker's Prince T.Ebony
belongs to my friend Cindy Brooks.
SIR PATRICK MJT from Richardson's Curly
Ranch is the last curly stallion in the world
registered ABC/MFT/AFTHBA without
Walker's Prince T.Sire of our Ebony's Dusty
Lad   Click to visit Patrick's Page!!!
Sorry,as of now Ebony's Dusty Lad is not breeding outside mares and won't ship semen.We will
consider it later after he is trained well .We might consider very few approved mares for 2008.
Dusty is a sweet boy,doing very well in
training and breeding his mares.He filled out
even more and is a bit taller then 15hh.
Click to see Ebony's Dusty Lad's pedigree
We don't have a lot of pictures of Dusty Lad yet but we
are very excited to welcome this young curly stallion as our
new stallion.
Why are we so excited?Dusty Lad will carry on the legacy
of his sire Sir Patrick because not only is he ABC(Full)
but also MFT registered without any Walker's Prince
T.This bay sabino curly son of Patrick is now 6 years old
and we can see he has inheritet the natural foxtrot of his sire
and dam.He will be bred to Strawberry Ice in 2010 for a
ABC/MFT curly foal,he will also be bred to Lovely
Lady,Lady Pansie and Misty's Tansie.
Golden Johnnie's Memorial C is Ebony's Memorial
Girl's sire also our beautiful Lovely Lady shows him in
her pedigree.He was a palomino straight MFT
stallion and we can see where Lovely Lady gets her
looks from.
the beautiful sire to our stunning
Strawberry Ice.He was also full
ABC/MFT registered.
ANNIE'S ROSEBUD T the grande old
dam of so many ABC/MFT full sister's to
Strawberry Ice.Annie is full ABC/MFT
registered and she is a sweet mare fully trained .
We would like to thank Zion's Gait Curlies for
making it possible for us to welcome  Berry in
Saskatchewan !!!
Click to see Strawberry Ice's pedigree
BERRY is one of very few,extremely raresuspected
homozygous dominant curly MFT mares in the world
,certainly the first one in Canada as far as we know.And
what is even more unique about Berry?She was bred to
DCC VEGAS for a hopefully homozygous curly
MFT foal in 2008.Are we excited?You bet we are.
.This foal certainly will be a looker.Bred to Ebony's
Dusty Lad we will produce a few more of these so rare
ABC/MFT foals.I can't wait to see what these two
will produce .Berry decends of the Walker's Prince T
line which is equally important to the few other gaited
curly bloodlines,only that this line is more common.She
is a red roan,had the first blue roan curly MFT colt in
the world.A homozygous curly MFT mare was the one
missing piece to breed out for more variety of
bloodlines and quality in these very rare curly
horses.Picture of Berry posted with kind permission of
Zion's Gait Curlies.
UPDATE!!! Berry foaled a red roan colt by DCC
Dusty is trained by Christina Lowigus
who is also our hoof orthopedist. Please
click here to go to her webpage