Rancho Tres Estrellas
RTE Topaz's Merry Dream Dancer
Topaz Merry Go is the proud sire of Dream Dancer.
Topaz is of unusual quality and we are so proud to
produce champagne curly TWH's with him.
Amber Azela is our extreme curly mare and
she is Dancer's proud momma.We will breed
Amber back to Topaz as long as we can.
May i introduce our first champagne curly son of Topaz
Merry Go.
Dream Dancer,amber or amber cream champagne colt,born
Dancer has long legs,lot's of bone,very nice disposition,very
curly and of course he is one of 5 champagne curly horses in
the WORLD as far as i know.If he sheds out cream
champagne,he will be the ONLY cream champagne curly
horse in the world so far.I will be watching that,showing lot's
of pictures and videos of him as he grows.I will be training him
a lot because i think he is stallion quality.I will have him
colortested in a while,so we know what he is capable to
produce in the future.If he sheds out cream champagne,he will
be a 75% colorproducer like his sire Topaz.Dancer will be
fairly big with Topaz being 15.2 hh and Amber 15 or
15.1hh,he will also be versatile, with a running walk but able
to trot too.Sire and dam are big boned,Topaz is a rather
old style type TWH. Dancer will excel as a sportshorse,he is
not showing much gait,since his dam is not gaited.
Dancer is SOLD to my partner Meike and will be raised and
trained here.We will be standing him at our farm and he will be
shipping semen when he's old enough.
We are reluctantly offering this fine colt for sale because we would like to breed Topaz to all mares that we
don't breed to Ebony's Dusty Lad.Of course we hope to be able to breed more foals like him in the future and
would rather keep a champagne curly filly by Topaz for our breeding program.We also only have so much room
for stallions here and will hopefully get a homozygous curly stallion someday that we would like to keep.Also
since we are breeding MFT and ABC/MFT curly foals we would like to keep MFT registered curly stallions
for our program.We only have so many mares to breed,so don't miss out on Dancer.I will register Dancer
ICHO/ICHR and PSHR.He is for sale at weaning time .Please keep in mind that Dancer is only one of two
champagne curly horses for sale in the WORLD!!!.
Dancer is getting better every day and we may rather hold on to him.He sure is one of kind colt that doesn't
come along every day!!! He may stand at stud here later and ship semen.
Click here for Dream Dancer's pedigree
Dancer has blue eyes that will turn amber .You can also see in this
picture that he has pink skin that will show freckles shortly.You can
also see all his beautiful curls here.
Dancer and his sire Topaz Merry Go
Dancer shed out much lighter then his foalcoat was but it now
is clear that he is an Amber Champagne with no cream gene.I
could not yet picture his awesome movement but below is a first
glimpse of what this colt is capable of.He is getting very
tall,just is all we had wished and hoped for in a colt by our
beautiful Topaz.His disposition is awesome,we could not be
any happier.
Look at the chest on this solid
colt.He is built so straight and has
an awesome neck,not bulky,long
enough with Topaz's beautiful head .