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Rancho Tres Estrellas is located north of
Regina,SK in Canada.My name is Claudia,i am
from germany and found this beautiful piece of
land together with my partners Peter
Schuster(my dearest friend) and Meike
Anschuetz and now my vision of breeding
smoothgaited curly horses is coming true,here
our horses have room to live a pretty free life.
I chose the name Tres Estrellas ( spanish) which
means three stars in english and stands for my
first 3 horses which were bay with a star.I wanted
to honor my first and most loved german trotter
gelding Treasure,he was awesome,lived to 33
years of age and i still miss him.Then it was    
Time for Ralph ,yes that's his name,a
standardbred gelding,still enjoying retirement
here and my proud,beautiful friend Tanto
Mejor,my Peruvian Paso stallion that i
unfortunately lost to his kidneyfailure in Dec
last year,miss him lot's but i know he is free and
young again now.
I believe that the Peruvian Paso is the smoothest
gaited horse in the world with the strongest
genetics to pass it on to their offspring and
would like to try to breed a few crosses.
My second choice are TWH's and MFT's,with
the most awesome disposition,size.smooth gait
and lot's of color.
For all people allergic to horses,please try a
curly horse,they are known to be hypo-allergenic
and we will breed a variety,so everyone can find a
horse.We strive for quality horses with a quiet
temperament,curls and a smooth gait.
Saskatchewan in Summer can be very hot and dry.We have
native pasture,prairieland,rolling land with lot's of trees to
shelter our horses from the weather.
Winter in Saskatchewan is very cold but as one can see
beautiful to look at too,lot's and lot's of snow...
Rancho Tres Estrellas
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Claudia Duncan
4515 7th Ave
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Claudia Duncan
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