Rancho Tres Estrellas
Ebony's Dusty Lad and Lovely Lady gave us a stunning bay curly colt,we couldn't have imagined him
more perfect then he is.RTE K.A's Bajardo is the result of my "dream breeding".I was dreaming of combining the
bloodlines of Memorial's Ebony Girl,Sir Patrick MJT and Lovely Lady.These horses stand out for their
amazing foxtrot,trainability and good disposition,lot's of bone and height.Bajardo already shows all that at this
young age and has a lot of presence.He will be our future stallion prospect and he is staying right here with
us.Bajardo was born 23. of May 2009.
Happy Birthday to Bajardo's new owner Kai Anschuetz,as of the 17th of June 2009.So K.A stands for Kai's
initials.I know you will love your little,big boy Bajardo,he is a curious but quiet colt that learns very quickly and
absolutely adores people.
I made this picture for you,Kai.He wears his bow,only a
short time,just for you,all wrapped,your present.
Bajardo is the "only " bay curly MFT stallion in the world
at this time and is a very very special colt in any way.
He can be bred to any DCC Vegas or Walker's Prince T
offspring as he is of the rarest curly bloodlines in the
world.We will post more pictures here soon.
Bajardo is only 2 days old here
and already looking great.
Bajardo is about 5 month old here,is getting his first
serious leading lesson.His owner Kai is meeting him
upclose for the first time.He says he never wants to
sell his pretty boy.Bajardo is developing nicely but is
in his super winter woolies right now,so i will take
more pictures when he sheds out.